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Skyhardt Dog Training: Terms & Conditions


By booking for or attending any session with Skyhardt Dog Training (including free assessments and taster sessions), you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

Liability and Insurance


Skyhardt Dog Training has public liability and relevant business insurance to run classes and give private consultations in person and online, providing adequate cover for our business liabilities. However, training outcomes are not guaranteed, and you are responsible for your dog at all times. Owners are advised to have appropriate pet insurance cover that includes third party liability insurance. 


Training and Handling


Skyhardt Dog Training uses scientifically proven positive reinforcement  training methods, which avoid the need for coercion of any type. 


Harsh handling of dogs and the use of coercive or punishing methods, including lead jerking, shouting or hitting, is not permitted. You may not use any device in class that we consider aversive, including slip leads, prong collars, spray collars, compressed air cans, rattle cans or bottles or water pistols, or any other device or method that has potential to cause injury, pain or fear. Any owner who continues to use harsh methods when asked not to, will be asked to leave our classes and not return. No refund will be offered. 


We don’t allow flexi (extending) leads in sessions, because of their potential to cause injury to dogs and people. 


Health and vaccinations


The welfare and safety of dogs is of the utmost importance to us. Dogs which are ill, injured or unwell in any way must not attend training. Please do not bring your dog to class if it has been in contact with kennel cough, conjunctivitis or any other infectious disease. Please consult your vet if you are unsure. We recommend that you attend the class without your dog if necessary, in order to keep up with the training. 


Dogs should be adequately protected by vaccination and flea and tick prevention, as advised by your vet. We may ask to see their vaccination records. 


Puppies may attend class from 7 days after their first vaccination has been given. Please bring the vaccination record to your first puppy class. Unfortunately we must protect all the puppies in the class, and they will not be allowed to attend class without their records first being presented. Puppies not having completed their vaccination programme must not walk on the ground outside of the venue, and must be carried between the training area and the vehicle they travel in. 


Bitches in season are not permitted to attend a class, although they may attend private consultations and training by arrangement. Please let us know immediately if your bitch may come into season during a course. Refunds are not routinely given, though we may offer an alternative - such as postponing to another course. We are also happy for you to attend class without your dog, so as not to miss out on the learning. 




No booking is confirmed until payment is made. Please email us, or message via the website, to book your session, package or class. Classes offered with online booking may only be booked online. 


Cancellation by Skyhardt Dog Training


In the event of staff illness or other unavoidable absence, we will aim to have another trainer cover your session. If this is not possible, we will offer an alternative which may include postponement, a transfer to a different session, or a refund. 


Outdoor classes and in person consultations and training will not normally be cancelled for adverse weather, unless it would be dangerous or impossible to go ahead. Please check the weather forecast and take the appropriate precautions. If we do need to postpone a class, we will aim to give as much notice as possible - at least 12 hours in most cases. 


Cancellations by the Client


We try to be as flexible as possible about unavoidable cancellations, while being fair to our other clients and ourselves. 


Our class numbers are deliberately kept low, to ensure that every dog receives appropriate attention. So people dropping out can have a big impact on the viability of the class. We normally require at least 5 days notice of cancellation prior to the first class beginning, upon which we will offer a full refund or transfer to a different class (subject to availability). From 5 days before commencement of the first class, refunds or transfers will only be offered in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion. 


We normally require 48 hours notice of cancellation of private consultations (whether part of a package or stand-alone sessions), upon which a re-scheduled session or a full refund will be offered. Refunds or postponement will only be offered for cancellations within 48 hours of the consultation in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion. 


Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is included in these terms and conditions. You can view it on-line here



Law and Jurisdiction


This contract will be governed by English Law, and any disputes will be decided in the courts of England and Wales. 

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