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Kate Keen qualified as a dog trainer in 2019, and holds full insurance for dog training and walking. She is a certified Family Dog Mediator and Separation Anxiety Pro Behaviour Consultant. She is constantly studying, updating and adding to her learning about dogs. Kate has a special interest in trauma in dogs, and has completed several courses to allow her to help them. 

Kate has a very challenging little blind Siberian Husky named Sky, and a much less challenging one named Arty. Siberian Huskies are her heart dogs, and if you ask her to work with a Sibe she will love you forever. But she works just as enthusiastically with mixed breeds, small dogs, giant breeds, and everything in between. 

Her training is all about positive reinforcement and having fun. Kate's methods are based in compassion and the latest science, for fun training and positive real life results. 

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