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Deanna Midnight qualified as a dog trainer in 2020, and holds full insurance for dog training and walking. 


Dee grew up with dogs, but didn't become an owner as an adult until 2017. Adopting Reinhardt (a staffie/malamute/GSD) changed their life. They started training Reinhardt as a way to bond with him and improve their relationship. Addressing his reactivity with training and trick training helped enormously, and discovering games-based concept training has made life much more fun. Reinhardt and Dee have both become more optimistic and self-sufficient as a result. Dee is all about positive reinforcement and having fun, and their training is force-free and fear-free. They believe that training should be enjoyable for both dog and owner, and specialise in working with anxious and neurodiverse owners. Accessibility is their passion, and they will go out of their way to make games-based dog training available to anyone who needs it. They are interested in working with dogs and owners with a variety of needs, adapting their advice, games and training to suit their abilities and achieve training goals. 

Dee is particularly interested in working with reactive dogs, and those who would like to learn some tricks.

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